So Relatable!

This morning while waiting for my daily Starbucks coffee, I was perusing Instagram and noticed my friend Alex posted a story of him in Maldives for vacation. I wondered, why can’t I take amazing, expensive trips? Ah well, guess I’ll just post a picture of my last holiday to Cabo. After paying $11.99 for my grande mocha latte, I moseyed on over to the pick-up counter when I spotted a cute girl wearing a Led Zeppelin tee staring down at her phone. Just as I had built up the courage to say hi, she grabbed her coffee and walked out. Welp, I guess Mrs. Right is still out there! Finally, they call my name (drastically spelled wrong, but that’s just Starbucks amirite?!) and after examining the creamy, sugary beverage it catches my eye that the barista gave me a vanilla latte rather than a mocha. I considered having the bearded barista remake my order but what’s the use? Gosh, sometimes I feel like I’m the only person on earth who has days like this. Guess I’ll just scroll through twitter while I walk to work

This is so me! Why can’t my friends understand I want them to love me but not love me at the same time?!

OMG SAME. #CoffeeGang

EVERY TIME! Gosh, so relatable

Like, are we the same person? Relatable!


Look at that! We all go through the same daily nuisances that have plagued modern society since like, ever. Maybe we’re all not so different after all? If I went through and wrote down every thought I had or annoyance that inconvenienced my life, I bet my Twitter would BLOW UP. Next thing you know, I’ll be on the late show laughing it up with Jimmy Fallon and singing Old Town Road on Car Karaoke with James Corden. Alright world, get ready for Mr. Relatable

Absolute NUGGETS of relatability! I mean, I think I hit the nail right on the head with each of those. You know what? SHIRTS. I bet if I made a custom tee and sold them on my Instagram, I’d make a killing. Where am I gonna find a printing company? I’ll ask Siri. Gosh, so I’m so relatable.

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